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Other play wall Systems

Courtwall ® cement plaster system

The System

The Courtwall ® special cement plaster is a 1/2 (12mm) thick, cement-based, resin-modified hard plaster designed for squash court use. High surface hardness compared with extreme bonding against wall substrate are combined in the special product formula.

The Plaster Surface

The non-glare, non-skid, matte playing surface produces optimal ball response. White cement formular - for white or coloured NON PAINT surface.

Colour Courts

colorcourt-small.jpg White cement formula with colour pigments - for NON PAINT surfaces - are available on request in light pastel colour shades.

Building base walls

Base walls must be straight, flat and plumb, with sidewalls parallel to within maximum 3mm variation over a 3-meter length and must be uniform throughout squash court wall playing surfaces areas. To achieve a proper long lasting plaster surface the fulfilment of all technical requirements on the building base wall must be ensured. The best known material for building base walls are poured concrete walls, with sandblasted surface.

The Installation

The Courtwall ® plaster system shall be installed from trained and approved plaster applicators only! New, to be trained, companies with experience in stucco work are welcome.


logo-certificate.pngThe Courtwall ® plaster system is approved and accredited from the World Squash Federation WSF

Courtwall ® Dual Court

combines cement plaster and high density wood panels


For cost reasons or when sites does not allow panels side walls due to measurement reasons it is suggested to build the “COURTWALL™ Dual Court”. Cement plaster on side walls and high density wood panels on front walls. The durability of such court will be still excellent, due to the nature of the squash game any balls played over the sidewalls are defensive shots and the ball has much less impact force, compared to hard shots with over 150 km/h against front walls. The cement plastered sidewalls will withstand such impact forces in play for a long time, while on front walls cement plaster can show delamination and cracking by time.

Courtwall ® - Special Wood-Panel

Play wall for High Humidity Location

Courtwall Innovation™ has developed a special high density wood panel for use in environments where high levels of humidity are normal and difficult, if not impossible, to control. The panel is installed in a similar way as the standard high density wood panels, and will deliver same fast, true rebounds and lively ball action.