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Courtwall™ International Holding AG, a Swiss stock corporation, is owning all international trademark rights from Courtwall™ racket courts,. All rights on Courtwall`s™ web sites and internet domains, all technical patents and intellectual properties from construction details of Courtwall squash and raquetball court components. Additionally Courtwall`s court product accreditation with the World Squash Federation.

Included are features such as the Courtwall™ moveable side and back wall systems, the Courtwall™ all glass tournament court technology. The Courtwall™ court glass wall hardware, moldings and others.

Courtwall™ International Holding AG owning three 100% daughter companies: in Austria, Vienna it is Courtwall™ GmbH, on a license contract base, handling all operative court construction activities worldwide (excluding USA/Canada), and the Courtwall™ Gesmb&CoKG which is operating two sport centers: one is C19 Squash&Indoor Golf simulator club Vienna, the other the City Pilates&Yoga Studio Vienna. In USA the Courtwall™ USA LLC, a Delaware limited company, which is handling on a license contract base court construction activities in USA/Canada.

Courtwall™ International Holding AG is launching a corporation bond program in 2012

Disclaimer: This information is neither an offer to sell, nor a solicitation of offers to buy, any Courtwall International Holding AG bonds (CWIAG bonds). Any such offering will be made only by prospectus. Each individual investor must determine whether CWIAG bonds are suitable based on financial situation, investment objectives, and risk tolerance. There can be no assurance of a trading market. Accordingly, CWIAG bonds should generally be held to maturity. CWIAG bonds are not insured by any government agency. CWIAG bonds involve investment risks, including possible loss of the principal invested