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Features Squash Court

+ High-density wood playwall panels Courtwall ®
+ Courtwall ® Ultimate front wall system with dried sand refill for minimal ball impact noise and maximum sound reduction
+ Coutrwall® glass back wall with aluminium glass hardware
+ LED court lights
+ Courtwall ® Heradesign sound-absorbing ceiling
+ Courtsavailablein classic white or warm golden colour-tone design for playwalls and floor

Peter Nicol testimonial:

During my long career I was always thinking about how I enjoyed playing on the all glass court for two reasons – the colours and the playing quality of the walls. Now, working with Courtwall in co-operation with interior color experts I developed the Peter Nicol Signature court.

This courts are available in classic white or have golden colored play walls, and darker warm brown real oak wood floor. Technically it will be a Courtwall Ultimate high density wood panel (or glass panel) squash court with sand refilled front walls for impact sound optimizing.

All courts will have sound absorbing panels above the outline and/or ceiling as well as Courtwall glass backwalls, the latest technology of LED court lights to help with reducing the carbon footprint of the squash court and lowering the long term costs for the court owners.